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Throughout the Year
Reading Informational Text
Common Core Standards for Literacy in Social Studies
Listening and Speaking
Common Core Standards for Collaborative Conversations
Essential Thinking Skills
Thinking skills chart for critical thinking skills
Common Core - Writing
Writing to an Argument
Current Events
Relating the relevance of the past to the issues of today
Schoology Link to 6th Grade Resources
Curriculum Maps for: Early Centers of Civilizations: Mesopotamia
Quarter 1
Geography and Essential Skills
Geographical Vocabulary, Map Skills, Differentiation Between Various Maps
Early People
Hunter and Gathers, Early Herders and Farmers, Early Settlements and Cities, Cultures of North Amer.
Early Centers of Civilizations: Mesopotamia
Civilization Development in Crescent Valley and Later Civilization (India)
DBQ A - Practice
See General Resources below for DBQ A or do the LA Narrative Writing Benchmark
Quarter 2
Center of Civilizations: EGYPT
Egypt, Nubia, and Kush
Emergence of Major World Religions
Indus River Valley Civilizations: Religions and Trade of the Middle East
Quarter 3
Ancient Greece
Early Greece, City-States, and Greek Culture, Golden Age, Alexander's Great Empire
Ancient Romans:
Path of Roman Conquest, Roman Empire, Beginning of Christianity, Fall of Rome, and Byzantine Empire
Quarter 4
Middle Ages
Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, Enlightenment Age of Exploration
The Americas
Ancient Civilizations in Mesoamericas, Aztecs and Incas
Contemporary World
Economic Challenges, Social Challenges, Political Challenges
Scope and Sequence

General Resources for Social Studies: 6th Grade
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Professional Learning Materials