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Throughout the Year
Scientific Practices Resources
Asking Questions, Using Models, Planning Investigations, Data, Constructing Explanations
Schoology Link to Middle School Science Curriculum Resources
Quarter 1
FOSS Planetary Science Investigation 1: Where am I? (4 days)
Familiarizes students with maps and images of different scales
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 3: Day and Night (5 days)
Explore celestial motions that result in the day/night cycle on Earth
Seasons (3 days)
Explore how the tilt of the Earth's axis, revolution, and rotation result in seasons
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 4: Discover the Moon (4 days)
Introduces students to the Moon as a dynamic celestial neighbor worthy of inquiry and study
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 5: Moon Craters (7 days)
Discover that impact is a process that shapes and changes the suface of planets and satellites
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 6: Mapping the Moon (4 days)
Become familiar with features on the moon and calculate the size using scale
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 7: Landing on the Moon (6 days)
Use the celestial motions of hte Earth and the Moon to plan a mission to the Moon
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 8: Moon Rocks (5 days)
Experience rocks and minerals found on the Moon and compare to Earth's rocks and minerals
Quarter 2
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 9: Phases of the Moon (5 days)
Understand the motions of the Earth and the Moon in relation to the Sun which results in the phases
Tides (2 days)
Understand how the Earth, Moon, and Sun system's gravitational pull results in tides
FOSS Planetary Science: Investigation 10: Explore the Planets (6 days)
Discover other planets, moons, asteroids, and comets in our solar system.
Constellations (3 days)
Identify major constellations that are visible from the Northern Hemisphere
Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes (6 days)
Discover the relationship between lithospheric plate movement and resulting landforms.
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 1: Pushing the Envelope (2 days)
Students consider how the processes of observation and inference contribute to answering questions
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 2: Into the Grand Canyon (4 days)
Introduces students to the Grand Canyon and a famous investigator, John Wesley Powell
Quarter 3
To include District Performance Task: Minerals
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 3: Grand Canyon Rocks (5 days)
Begin to build the concept of rock layer as a three-dimensional structure
FOSS Earth History Investigation 4: My Sediments Exactly (9 days)
Investigates the properties of sand, sandstone, and shale and the processes that create them
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 5: Limestone (5 days)
Investigates the conditions that lead to the formation of sedimentary rock
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 6: It's About Time (5 days)
Students become familiar with the geological time scale
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 7: Fossils and Time (3 days)
Introduces index fossils as evidence for determining the relative age of sedimentary rocks
FOSS Earth History: Investigation 8: One Rock to Another (8 days)
Introduces students to igneous and metamorphic and the processes that form these rocks
Scope and Sequence

General Resources for Science: 7th Grade