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Life Science
FOSS Structures of Life: Investigation 1
Investigate diverse life cycles
FOSS Structures of Life: Investigation 2
Comparing Structures of different kinds of germinating seeds
FOSS Structures of Life: Investigation 3
Observe the structures and behaviors of crayfish
FOSS Structures of Life Investigation 4
Compare the structures, functions, and behaviors of land snails and crayfish
Adaptations Performance Task
A multiday learning opportunity for students to engage in the science practices
Plant and Animal Traits
Investigate environmental factors and genetics that affect traits
Animal Groups
Investigate how animals form groups for survival
Investigate evidence of organisms and environments of long ago
Physical Science
Balance and Motion: Investigation 1: Balance
Students investigate balanced and unbalanced systems
Balance and Motion: Investigation 2: Spinners
Students investigate patterns in motion
Balance and Motion: Investigation 3: Rollers
Students investigate patters of objects rolling.
Engineering is Elementary: Maglev Train
Students design a maglev train using their understanding of magnetic interactions.
Earth Science
Weather and Climate: Investigation 1: Water Investigations
Students investigate the properties of water
Weather and Climate: Investigation 2: Hot Water Cold Water
Students observe the properties of water as it is heated, cooled, and frozen.
Weather and Climate: Investigation 3: Weather and Water
Investigate condensation chambers and consider how evaporation and condensation contribute to the wa
Weather and Climate: Investigation 5: Waterworks
Students engineer a water wheel to investigate the forces of water

General Resources for Science: 3rd Grade CR STEM School