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Throughout the Year
Schoology Link to Kindergarten Curriculum Resources
Learning Objectives, Scope and Sequence, Priority Standards, State Standards
Life Science: Animals 2 x 2
Investigation 1: Goldfish and Guppies
Students observe the structures and behaviors of goldfish and compare to guppies
Investigation 2: Water and Land Snails
Students observe and compare water and land snails
Investigation 3: Big and Little Worms
Students observe and compare redworms and night crawlers.
Investigation 4: Pill Bugs and Sow Bugs
Students observe structures of two kinds of isopods.
Physical Science
Balls and Ramps: Introduction to Balls
Learning Experiences 1-4
Balls and Ramps: Bounciness of Balls
Learning Experiences: 5-8
Earth Science
Energy: Earth Warming
Explain the effects of sunlight on the earth's surface
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Human impact on Earth's systems
Scientist forecast severe weather to prepare for and respond

General Resources for Science: Kindergarten CR STEM School