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Earth Materials
Layers of the Earth
Investigation 2
Scratch Test
Investigation 3
Calcite Quest
Investigation 4
Take It For Granite
Physics of Sound
Investigation 1
Dropping In
Investigation 2
Good Vibrations
Investigation 3
How Sound Travels
Investigation 4
Sound Challenges
Teacher Supplemented
Plant Growth & Development
Lesson 1
Pre-Unit Assessment: What Do You KNow About Plants?
Lesson 2
What is Inside a Seed?
Lesson 3
Planting the Seeds
Lesson 4
Thinning and Transplanting
Lesson 5
How Does Your Plant Grow?
Lesson 6
Observing: Leaves and Flower Buds
Lesson 7
Observing Growth Spurt
Lesson 8
Why Are Bees Important?
Lesson 9
Getting a Handle on Your Bee
Lesson 10
Looking at Flowers
Lesson 11
Pollinating Flowers
Lesson 12
Observing Pods
Lesson 13
Making A Brassica Model
Lesson 14
Making A Bee Model
Lesson 15
Interpreting Graphs
Lesson 16
Harvesting and Threshing the Seeds
Lesson 17
Post-Unit Assessment

General Resources for Science: 3rd Grade