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Quarter 1
Introduction to Chemistry-Big Idea 2
Content Map-August/Early September
Nuclear & Atomic Structure-Big Idea 1
Content Map-Late September/Early October
Periodicity-Big Idea 1
Content Map-Late October
Quarter 2
Covalent Molecules-Big Idea 2
Content Map-Early November
Organic Chemistry-Big Idea 2
Content Map-End of November
Predicting Reactions-Big Idea 3
Content Map-Early December
Stoichiometry-Big Idea 3
Content Map-Mid December
Quarter 3
Thermochemistry-Big Idea 5
Content Map-Early January
Phases of Matter-Big Idea 2
Content Map-Late January
Solutions-Big Idea 2
Content Map-Early February
Kinetics-Big Idea 4
Content Map-Late February
Quarter 4
Equilibrium-Big Idea 6
Content Map-March
Acids, Bases, and Salts-Big Idea 6
Content Map-Early April
Electrochemistry-Big Idea 3
Content Map-Mid April
Scope and Sequence

General Resources for Science: AP Chemistry