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FOSS Planetary Science Investigation 6: Mapping the Moon (4 days)
Big Idea
Scale and ratios can be used to calculate the size of structures on the moon and to gain an understanding of the size of the moon.
Essential Questions
What observations can you make about the craters on the moon?
How can you calculate the size of a crater using scale?
How does the size of the crater on the moon compare to the size of our state?

Keep a record of observations, notes, sketches, questions, and ideas using tools such as written and/or computer logs.
Explain the relationship among common objects in the solar system, galaxy, and the universe.
Measure craters on a moon photo. Calculate actual dimensions of lunar structures. Draw scaled representations of lunar craters on a map of Arizona.
Science & Engineering Practices
Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking:  students meaure craters and and compute actual size
Using Mathematical and Computational Thinking
Content/Core Ideas
  • Scale is the size relationship between a representation of an object and the object.
  • Scale can be expressed as a ratio when an object and its representation are measured in the same units.
Crosscutting Concepts
Scale, Proportion, and Quantity
Academic Vocabulary
saturated scale ratio
  • survey
  • saturated
Mid-summative Exam 6
Crater dimension calculations
Mare origin Quick-write
Scaling Craters
Quick-write revision on Mare Origin