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English Language Development

English Language Development


English language development benefits greatly from the use of technology tools. The Internet brings culturally relevant material to the classroom, blogs give students the opportunity to express their ideas and interact with each other, and streaming videos present background or contextual information before exposing students to new topics.

The following resources are readily available in the Dysart School District, and support English language development. These resources are organized around four guiding principles of teaching English as a second language.

Increasing Comprehensibility
Using whatever appropriate means necessary to ensure that students understand the material presented to them (Northwest Regional Education Lab, 2003). 

Some strategies for increasing comprehensibility in the classroom include:

Presenting helpful background or contextual information before exposing students to new topics; this may include introducing new vocabulary.
Discovery Streaming Videos
Kidspiration / Inspiration   (Vocabulary Templates)

Providing instruction to students that draws on their personal experiences.
Historical and Cultural Websites
   (America on the Move)

Using audio-visual aids such as photos, gestures, sounds, intonation cues, movement, demonstration, and real objects to convey meaning.
Discovery Streaming Images

Increasing Interaction
Just as students need to understand the information that is communicated to them, they need the opportunity to practice communicating themselves (Northwest Regional Education Lab, 2003)

Student Email

Making Learning Authentic


ELL and Technology Newsletter


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